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"I've been eating crawfish since I was in college. The first experience was great! Others in between have been hit or miss. But Mid-South Crawfish? Hitting every time! I've never had crawfish seasoned so perfectly well and prepared just the way I want it to be. Every. Single. Time. If you're not ordering from MSC, you're not living your best life!"

- Katherine S

"This is my second week in a row! These are hands down the best I've had and I am from New Orleans. Mr. Dedric knows the secret! You are missing out if you haven't had any!"

- Bridget F

"Literally, the best crawfish I have ever had!!! The favor and spice level is just right and the fixin's hittin'. I'm not a pork eater so they I prefer the beef sausage but the pork sausage is tempting. The potatoes are soft and easy to eat right along with everything else. There aren't many places I'd pay for crawfish. This guy has most of my crawfish bucks!"

- Jermaine S


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